Over 35 years of developing companies globally at a strategic level
 in a variety of high tech industry markets.


FirmaMentum is a business improvement company delivering bespoke business development packages for customers operating in global market from offshore Oil & Gas to onshore engineering services.


Deliver high quality business improvement services to customers by meeting their specific demands with minimum risk and investment..


The unique business development services combined with an inexpensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system allows companies to expand whilst capturing marketing information to be retained for future sales campaigns.


Costs and operational risks are kept to a minimum while adding value to the company’s future enterprise value.

Overall Business improvement services

The unique offering delivering bespoke business development packages.

Integration and training

FirmaMentum’s CRM System is tailored to customer’s specific needs and requirements focusing on the organisation Culture delivered through Training & Development interacting at all levels.

The team at FirmaMentum have extensive experience operating in different
 high technology industry segments over the past 35 years with a strong emphasis on providing
 a quality service, delivered on time and to an agreed budget.

Atli Arnason

Atli Arnason

Managing Director

Over 20 years working at senior level within
 the Oil & Gas, Marine, Manufacturing, Aviation, and Technology sectors developing improved Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to customer specification. Holding numerous business awards including
an Honorary Degree from Robert Gordon University.

David Dent

David Dent

Sales & Marketing Director

Over 35 years working in the Oil & Gas industry developing companies working in the subsea repair and maintenance business. Subsidiary companies established in the USA and Australia were built up over a 10 year period to provide approximately 40 percent of the company’s turnover when sold to Proserv 9 years ago. The business has grown over 5 fold since then.


FirmaMentum is based in Aberdeen Scotland
 and operates globally through the offices of
 their customers.